I've been a keen karate student for 16 years, Shukokai and Shotokan, but there still seems to be no shortage of things to learn and explore. I'm hoping this blog will allow me to share my experiences and hear other martial artists thoughts.

The weekend starts here

I guess we all have times when we have a lot going on either with family at home, at work or school/college/uni. Now the main training session I attend with my club is on a Tuesday night. But a few weeks ago I had to work late most nights and so went to the Saturday morning session to make sure I got at least one training session in.

I had a really enjoyable session and afterwards I felt like I’d cleared away any remaining thoughts of work and was ready to enjoy my weekend. I’ve still been fairly busy since so I’ve kept going to the Saturday morning session and I find myself looking forward to getting up and getting ready to head to training.

I was thinking about what makes training on Saturday so enjoyable and one contributing factor I think is the venue. We train in a much more spacious hall with a high ceiling with the beamwork exposed and I think in some ways I enjoy the experience of training there more.

Anyway I’ll keep this post short as it’s Saturday AM and the clock is ticking. Whatever your plans are for the weekend I hope you have a great time.

Do you have a favourite venue to train in? And when’s you favourite training time?




  Mark Ridler wrote @

I agree 100% about venue, while I enjoy training at Wednesday club, in the summer it can be very hot due to one of the walls (facing West!) is made of glass and the sun shines through with a vengeance, plus the floor is very slippy where as Monday and Friday classes are at much nicer venues and I find I look forward to those much more.

At the end of the day I’m just happy be be able to turn up and train, the venue makes things nicer but it’s the training, my instructor and fellow students that really make for a good time.

  nwukshukokai wrote @

I absolutely agree about being happy simply to train. I’ve had the odd issue physically over the years and I’ve wondered if it would mean having to give up Karate if I wasn’t able to sort it out and that makes me really appreciate being fit and healthy and able to train.

That said a good solid floor that you have a sound footing on always makes training easier. I enjoy that feeling of connection you have with the floor during training.

  Cheese Chomp Dad wrote @

Right now we train in a university parking lot in our group at JKA Manila. We have yet to finalize the move to another dojo but we are starting to like it there:D

  nwukshukokai wrote @

Now that is an interesting location. How do you find it compared to an indoor venue? Do you find you get an audience?

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