I've been a keen karate student for 16 years, Shukokai and Shotokan, but there still seems to be no shortage of things to learn and explore. I'm hoping this blog will allow me to share my experiences and hear other martial artists thoughts.

Me, Myself and I…field trip…Day 4

After writing last nights post I hopped onto Twitter to take a look at who might be able to provide some information about awareness. I scrolled down to the bottom of my following list and saw that Iain Abernethy was the first person I’d chosen to follow. I’ve visited Iain’s website a number of times and know he has articles that he has written on there so thought it was as good a place to start as any.

Sure enough a brief look through his articles uncovered an article called ‘Awareness: The Key to Karate for Self Protection’.

Iain suggests an exercise to develop your awareness. He recommends engaging in a conscious internal dialogue anout the dangers and potential dangers that could arise in our day to day activities. Rather than drive into work today I was travelling there by train and then walking approx. 20 minutes upto the site. I thought this was a great opportunity to try our Ian’s suggestion.

When I got on the train I discreetly checked out each of my fellow passengers, as part of this I made use of window reflections. Then on the walk upto site I was conscious of identifying upcoming blind spots and quickly making sure no danger lurked there.

I thought it was a really easy but useful exercise. Generally as a person I’d say I have pretty good awareness but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t seek to improve it further.

Iain’s article is well worth checking out.


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